Nuova ricerca Juniper sullo sviluppo del WiMAX nel mondo 2009-2014

Nuova ricerca di mercato della società Juniper rilasciata in questi giorni, (il comunicato stampa risale al 20 Maggio 2009)  è chiara l’idea che lo sviluppo delle reti WiMAX in tutto il mondo ha subito, sostanziali rallentamenti. Salvo alcune eccezioni il mercato a quanto pare non è ancora pronto per il WiMAX. Di seguito il comunicato stampa originale in lingua inglese, Whitepapers WiMAX Broadband: Markets, Opportunities & Forecasts, 2009-2014.
WiMAX Broadband Services to Generate $15bn by 2014, But its ‘Make or Break’ Time For the Sector says Juniper Research Hampshire, UK – 20th May 2009: Mobile WiMAX networks are being rolled out more slowly than expected, meaning that service revenues will grow more slowly than forecast a year ago, a new study from Juniper Research concluded. The WiMAX broadband report found that revenues from WiMAX 802.16e broadband subscribers will exceed $15 billion globally by 2014. WiMAX will provide an improved experience for broadband customers who are receiving low speed DSL or cable modem services, or at the limit of DSL coverage.
However, WiMAX is faced by spectrum auction postponements in several countries, funding problems from the credit crunch, and slow network implementations, all combining to handicap network operators signing up subscribers.

WiMAX hampered by significant hurdles These factors – some of which are outside the control of the WiMAX ecosystem – are holding back the market. Report author Howard Wilcox warned: “Whilst market leaders such as Clearwire are launching services and expanding internationally, there are also well-publicised challenges for WiMAX such as those highlighted by French regulator ARCEP. We’re on the cusp of make or break time for WiMAX.”

In addition, the report determined that the WiMAX ecosystem needs to deliver by translating trials into reliable, commercial services that attract customers.
Further findings include:
• North America, Far East & China and Western Europe together will account for 70% of market by 2014
• Mobile WiMAX has role to play in providing broadband in developing countries where there is no wired network
• Africa and the Middle East, South America, the Indian Sub Continent and Eastern Europe will together be worth some $4bn by 2014

Juniper provides a balanced assessment of the opportunity for mobile WiMAX. The report features regional forecasts with country detail, identifying broadband and DSL growth, WiMAX market status and use case analysis.

Whitepapers and further details of the study, ‘WiMAX Broadband: Markets, Opportunities & Forecasts, 2009-2014’ can be freely downloaded from Alternatively please contact John Levett at, telephone +44(0)1256 830002.

Juniper Research provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, providing consultancy, analyst reports and industry commentary.


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