Arriva il WiMAX Expo 2008, Taipei dal 2 al 6 Giugno

This year in June the 2008 WiMAX Expo, Taipei will be held simultaneously in Taiwan with Computex Taipei. You will see, touch and experience the world’s most popular and newest ICT products and services. During your business trip in Taipei, I believe that you definitely will achieve fruitful results.

“WiMAX in Computex” and “Computex catches WiMAX” are our upcoming goals in the next three to five years. You won’t want to miss our annual ICT exhibitions in Taipei at the beginning of every June.

With the support and cooperation of the Taiwan government and industries, Taiwan surely has become your best strategic partner in enabling WiMAX. We are devoted to making efforts to build up in Taiwan the world’s most complete WiMAX Ecosystem, so that you can efficiently find all total WiMAX solutions that best suits your needs. Hopefully this slogan will spread throughout the global ICT industries: “Taiwan is the best place to find the most complete WiMAX Products and total solutions.”

Please see the details inside the show guide for exhibitor, exhibit, services and WiMAX Forum Operator Summit details.

Finally, I hope you are satisfied with the 2008 WiMAX Expo, Taipei and look forward to also seeing you in 2009. Thank you so much!


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