Taking WiMAX indoors

How are operators meeting the challenge of indoor, high-capacity coverage? The results of our survey of leading WiMAX operators are now available. 

WiMAX promises to bring wireless broadband anywhere and anytime, on laptops, phones, game consoles, cameras and new mobile devices. Subscribers increasingly use bandwidth-heavy applications like video streaming and they do so mostly from indoor locations such as malls, classrooms, offices and homes.

What are the implications for WiMAX operators from the prevalence of wireless broadband access from indoor locations? Do WiMAX operators need to provide indoor coverage to meet the demand from their subscribers? And if so, is deep indoor coverage needed? Do they need to provide indoor coverage at launch or can they wait? What is the best approach to provide such coverage for the traffic levels expected?

We conducted a survey of leading WiMAX operators worldwide to explore their experience to date and their future plans. Despite the differences in business models, services offered and market demographics, most operators share a sense of urgency when it comes to providing robust indoor high-capacity coverage. They are actively looking at cost-effective approaches to go beyond their initial deployments which almost exclusively target outdoor coverage.

75% of WiMAX operators estimate that over 80% of their subscribers will connect to the WiMAX network from indoor locations

Indoor Coverage Importance

Underlay Plans

Why an underlay

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